Monday, July 21, 2008

Must Read.....

A couple of my best blogger galpals are writing chapters in an ongoing story. I was hooked from the first glance of the title. "Past Lives"

Please take the time to read it. It is short and you will be hooked as I am.
First click here --> Lillys Life and read the first chapter. She has a link to ---> Vikki's blog for the second chapter.

You never know where the next chapter takes David the main character! (or who will be writing up coming chapters).....hmmmm

Past Lives
To read each of David’s Past Life Regression Stories:

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Past Lives Part 2- Vikki/ The Red Chair Gallery

Past Lives Part 3- Lilly/ Lilly's Life

Past Lives Part 4- Lou Ceel

Past Lives Part 5- Dina/ Deepwater Journal

Past Lives Part 6- Vikki/ Red Chair Gallery

Past Lives Part 7- Jules/ Arduous Nincompoop

Past Lives Part 8- Rocksnowhite (coming soon)