Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My hero!

If yall get sick of me bragging about my family, DEAL WITH IT! hahhaaha
I can't help but share my awesome fortune with yall.

Today my post is about my little brother. We will call him "M" for privacy sake!
(hehehehehehe we all know who he is)
He is one of the most considerate humans on the face of the earth. Seriously.
Starting with when I was young and always embarrassed when Valentines day rolled around and all the girls at the office got flowers and candy but me. M caught on to that and immediately started a tradition of sending flowers to me and my mama every single Valentines day and Birthday!

He puts considerable thought into gifts. Not just the ol walk around the mall and find something they may like. He thinks of your hobbies, your daily activities, and every possible thing to find the perfect gift. One that pops into my mind is a Swarovski crystal horse he got me one year. I owne a palomino named Gator. I loved that horse. I also adore anything from Swarovski. He saw it and knew I had to own it. Even though he would NEVER consider spending this amount of money on himself, he did't think twice about buying it for me.

He is the least self important person I know. I think he spends most of his time worrying about his family and friends. He adores his to dogs Rex and Beasley. When he does purchase something for himself much research goes into the process.

I feel guilty for trying to push him into charity work too, but feel his calling is helping others. If I had one wish for M, it would be that he won the lotto. I can't even imagine the good that boy could do with millions of dollars. I can guarantee ya, he wouldn't be living in a mansion. He wouldn't employ a servant. There would be new programs for the homeless, SPCA, and orphans.

What a blessing God gave our family.



Jean9 said...

You are blessed! Your family is blessed you all seem so close, that does not just happen...It's made to happen by the people involved. Have a super day.

Jules said...

You are so right Jean!
We are very close and very fortunate. I wish every family could be close and supportive. I guess that was Gods wish too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules. Brothers are alright! I have 4 myself.
I was going to tell you on that high tech stuff( your comment yesterday) I am no expert.
Your comment ended up on the old post from Jack's video. Sooo, I didn't want you to think I deleted it or anything.
Thanks for your visits.
Have a good day!

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

What a nice brother you have! I'd like to see pictures of his dogs, Rex and Beasley. Perhaps you could write another post about them! That's wonderful that he is so generous too. Very nice of him to remember you on Valentine's Day!

tashabud said...

M sure looks different in this pic from the picture that he distributes everywhere. Hehehe. I tell you, he has that gorgeous family gene pool I was talking to you about. Hehehe. I can see him now, blushing as he reads this one. LOL. BTW, the crystal horse looks magnificent. He's got good taste.

My hubby does the same thing when he buys some things of significance. He does a lot of research before buying. Not me, I'm more spontaneous than analytical or methodical. Good night.

Carole said...

That is so nice to hear. There's so much complaining and criticizing in this world, it's nice to hear someone singing someone's praises and appreciating that person! You are a lucky girl to have such a gem of a brother - but you know that, and that's awesome!

Lilly's Life said...

Hey Jules

You know what the best thing about your family's relationship - you are not afraid to say what you think of each other. What a lovely thoughtful brother you have. And the way you were brought up must be the key (as well as God's blessing). I have only one brother who is about 16 months younger than me and he is pretty special too. Thanks for your positive posts about things that REALLY matter in this world. Family, love and taking care of each other. Thats the only thing that matters when all is said and done! And something we should never take for granted becuse many do not have it so lucky, thanks for the reminder.

Eric S. said...

Your brother sounds like my older sister. He sounds like a very carrying and considerate person.

Jules said...

ga.farmwoman~ HI! Thanks for visiting girl.

Karen~ I do have some pix of the bow wow's and will post them! Great idea!

Tasha~ yep, I can feel the heat from his blush from here. Funny thing is this really really embarrasses him. But I say more folks need to hear about the good people in this world!

Carole~ Thank you so much for visiting. And I totally agree with you!

Lilly~ You probably know M better than all the blogger folks. He is such a doll. You are quite awesome yourself missy! You could't be more spot on about taking things for granted. I don't want to meet my maker with a bucket load of regrets.

Eric~ Lets hear more about your sis. I'm so glad to have you stop in and comment with us gals!!

Matt said...

Yup, I felt my own face turn beet red! And I Hate that picture! But I love my sister and my family to death. We are very fortunate to be so close. Nothing replaces family. And Jules is a "gem" of the finest quality herself!! Thank you for such a glowing post, sis. Love you! M

Jules said...

Thanks "M" , heeheheheh
I'm glad you didn't get to upset with me. I love telling the world about my bros! I'm one lucky sister!

tashabud said...

Hah! Now we know how to get M out of his cocoon. Good to see you commenting in your sister's. We make sure to do it better next time. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Well I couldn't agree more with what you said about Matt! He is a true blessing to our family! He's a giving, loving,caring soul!

My 5 boys adore him! He's a wonderful Uncle!