Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Decades or Dec-aches?

Now that I am walking three or more times a week (to keep some sort of figure), I have a lot more time to reflect on my life.

Today my thoughts went to the sad shape of our economy. How my company is going to be laying off more of my co-workers today or tomorrow. We already went through a 40% down sizing and now more to come. I have been told I am again safe through this round of cuts. I started feeling guilty about not losing my job. I know some that will lose their jobs are soul providers for their households.

I tried to think of encouraging things to tell them. I began to reflect on times in my life that something heartbreaking or painful happened and how I dealt with it. I came to the decision that those of us that carry the belief that:

Things happen for a reason.
That there is a plan in place for all of us.
That God won't put more on us than we can bear.
When one door closes a window opens.
(are you getting my drift?) hehehe

That these people probably will land on their feet every time. I do believe all of those things but with a clause! God (your creator of choice) doesn't really have my next job lined out. He doesn't have every day of my life planned. He does provide me with the power to choose right from wrong. He gives me compassion to help others in need. He gives me family to lean on when times are tough. He is always there for me when I feel I can't make it another day.

Those things bring peace to me when others feel abandoned in a time of crisis. For those who suffer from Why Me?, and Bad things always happen to me!, or whatever label they apply to their pain.... it adds more suffering and hurt to a bad enough situation. Now don't get me wrong, if I were on the cut list I would most certainly be stressed, scared, worried, etc. That's only human and how we grow. But in the end I would pick up the phone and call Mom or Matt or D or M or SR or DJ or Christi or Leigh Ann....etc you get the picture... that's my family.

No matter what happens with material things or even my health.. BEING NUMBER FIVE is the greatest blessing I ever received.



Lilly's Life said...

Jules - you are a deep thinker arent you? I have been coming to the same realisation as you about life too. Must be reaching a level of maturity or something. I think if we dont see ourselves as just a tiny bit of a bigger tapestry and have trust that life is a plan then we would go under pretty quickly when the bad stuff happens. I also think that the more positive we are the more we attract positive things to us. There are things outside our control and all we can do is throw our hands up and put our life in the arms of God or the universe. I know what you mean, seems there are redundancies happening in companies all over the world at present and it looks likely to be worse than ever. Its tough for people but we just have to believe and help one another in local communities. Sometimes its good to have to face hardship because as you say doors open that you never expect or you learn a great lesson. Whatever, life improves in some way. I am not sure how I would cope if I didn't have faith and didn't have family either. Sometimes I find the people who have had to deal with the most are the most positive and take the bad times and put them into perspective. Great thought provoking post. PS I am going through PLR tomorrow just to see what its posted this at 5am...ohhh

Jules said...

Oh Miss Lilly
Why am I not surprised that we are on the same page on this subject! You actually touched on what I originally started to write.

My plan was to write about where my head was during each of the 4 decades of my life. While walking I realized that in my 40's I am so much more at peace and accepting of challenges that meet me head on.

I no longer feel the need to try to keep up in the fast lane (of life not driving, I am always there on the road.hhahahaha).
In my thirty's I constantly worried that someone my age was more successful, prettier, smarter, etc. Now I could care less. I know the value of what I have and few could compare their country club memberships and sports car driving life to mine in the country with Bobby.

You know the rest....
Family is everything.


I can't wait to hear how your PLR goes. Take pix of the office so we can use them for David! hehehehe


tashabud said...

I used to be a worry-wart. Now, I have the "What ever will be, will be" kind of attitude. I seem to not feel too stressed out so much when things are not going right in my life and family as I used to feel in the past. It's kind of hard to understand. I can't even explain it. I guess this is good because I have a tendency to get depressed about little things before, and it's not a pleasant feeling or mood to be in.

It's such a relief, mentally, when I just entrust my life to God. I'm not a very religious person, but I believe that there is God who created us and as you said, who will not give us life challenges that he thinks we mortals can't handle to face and resolve. I also strongly believe in the power of prayer. As long as I pray to the Lord and do my part in this life, then I somehow feel at peace and happy.

Sorry, I went off tangent on the subject matter. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules. It is good to take walks to clear your head and work things out. That is why I enjoy my gardening so much. There is no t.v. or anything to interupt my thoughts.
Good post.
I have a special award waiting for you at my site.
Have a good day.

Jules said...

Thanks girls. I totaly agree with you Tasha. We think a lot alike!

Ohhhh yay Pam...I'm popping over right now to see!!!!
Thank you in advance!

Mom8 said...

Well, ask ME how proud I am to have this lovely creature as my Dtr.....hmmm? Just ask!!!
Julie has a heart as big as her State (TX) and like her sibs, would go to any lengths to ease the pain of man or animal...(especially animals, lol)
A true Jewel is she!

Mom8 said...

P.S. What's a PLR??????

Eric S. said...

Jule's, it must be an age thing. I feel the same way. Family is important, and a wonderful leaning post. There have been soo many times when I have had to lean on a family member to keep my head up, and they were always there. Of course it helps that there are 8 of us, counting step siblings.

I can also see someone else is very proud of you also.

Mom8, PLR is a story we're all doing, it starts on Lilly's blog. It stands for Past Life Regression.

Jules said...

Hey eric!
I tried to leave a reply and it disappeared. weird!

Yeah Mom, what eric said! heheheheh

Jean9 said...

Hey Jules I have not been by in awhile and have enjoyed catching up with you. You are right family is our ultimate blessing

tashabud said...

Hi Jules,
Been missing you in blogosphere. Hope things are okay.