Monday, July 6, 2009

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Lilly's Life said...


Love your photos.
1. That is a gorgeous view and well worth the drive to and from work! So peaceful..
2.The twin is adorable - and where do you get the time to do all of this?
3. Yes, you are one lucky girl!!! (and so is he!!)
4. Got to love Elvis - I wouldnt argue wth him anyway - beautiful picture of you - fantastic eyes and smile you have!!
5. Ohh that is a cute picture of you and Willie - very artistic.
6. How great to be best buddies with your sister and mother - mind you your mother seems as though she has a wonderful attitutude to life - that is a great photo too.
7. Yes he is and seems like your whole family are very good looking - you all look alike too!
I love close families and thanks for sharing your pictures - they are great!Plus, its great to focus on positive things, we all need to do that more.

Jules said...

Lilly you are a breath of fresh air!
I feel so good every time you leave a comment!

You are an angel! Thank you for all your sweet comments.