Sunday, July 6, 2008

How I ended up here part II

We spent 5 years in the little trailer. It was cramped but fun. Like I said, it felt like camping! Bobby was so sweet. He did everything to make sure I was happy out here in the country.

I had a few conversations with him about his lack of interest in Birthday, special occasions, any gift giving occasion really. Since my last relationship was a total exercise in emotional bankruptcy, I didn't want to experience anything similar with Bobby. I explained to him it's not the $$ value of a gift, it's the idea that someone sat and thought about something that they wanted to do for you on that special day. He got the idea but felt even more pressure. It's just not in his thought process. He will do anything for me on a daily basis so why is a BD or anniversary any different. He had a point I have to admit.

One thing I honestly missed was soaking in my bath tub. I loved it when we would visit Mom or his parents for the weekend and I would get to take a long bath. Our trailer had only a shower. When we built the shop we built a full kitchen and bathroom with a steam shower but again, no tub. One evening I came home from a very long hard day at work. (By this time we were living in the shop and construction started on the house)

Bobby greeted me when I pulled up and handed me a glass of wine. This was strange for him to greet me outside but the wine was welcomed! He took me by the hand and opened the door to the shop and it was dark save for a path of candles leading to a water trough filled with hot soapy water! Yes friends he took a big long water trough we bought at tractor supply (for me to use as a tiny swim pool but never did) and cleaned it for my tub. It took him hours to fill it. He used all the hot water our small water heater had and had to boil more. He said it kept cooling very fast being a galvanized tub on concrete. I never arrived home at a precise time so that also was tough for him to gauge.

I was blown away. I soaked in that tub until I was a prune. That is one of the best gifts I had ever received. I will never forget it.

Another year in the trailer he planned yet another wonderful surprise. When we were dreaming about what features we wanted in our new house, I constantly asked about water features. I spend countless hours watching HGTV and decorating shows. I always love the ones where they incorporate a water fall or fountain right in the house.
He hated the idea! He said it's a maintenance nightmare. I knew i was going to press for something!

One night I was watching TV he came in and asked me if I wanted to see something cool. I grabbed my sneakers and headed out to find our 4 wheeler with a trailer attached. He had put blankets and pillows on the trailer and asked me to climb on and drove me down to our pond. He parked on the edge of the pond and disappeared in some bushes off to the side. I was wondering what the heck he had planned. All of a sudden lights came on under water in the middle of our pond and a plume of water shot up to the sky. He had made a fountain for me in the center of our pond!

He climbed on the trailer with me and our golden retriever "Chloe" and we three sat and stared at our glorious fountain under a starry sky! Now Girls did my talk pay off or what???



Joseph said...
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Jean9 said...

Nice make over #5..your hubby does some great romantic things for you..things that go beyond quick purchases! Some of the things you have mentioned take a lot of thought planning and work!

Jules said...

Thanks Jean!
He is a doll. He made me a home made birthday cake yesterday and some home made vanilla ice cream. OMG!
There went the diet! arghhhhh

Lilly's Life said...

I just read Vikki's latest post on jealousy and I am officially jealous of you! No, it sounds like you deserve it and it gives me hope of better things. As I have come out of one of those emotionally and morally bankrupt relationships. What a wonderful man your husband sounds. Because he hasnt just gone out and bought a bunch of flowers or present from the store but done some highly inventive and caring things. His actions show he really loves you - I seriously do not know many guys who would have done what he has done - and I am sure you do the same in return. Very romantic. Its a lovely post and I really like your writing style (you and your mother _ and Matt - are great writers). Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY - was it yesterday???

tashabud said...

I love this story. It's so romantic. Ahhh.... You have a husband who knows how to make you happy. That's great. And I learned from experience that yes, talking to our husbands and tell them exactly what it is that we want them to do is the best thing. Good job, Jules. You have the power of persuation, indeed. Hehe. Keep posting. Everything that you're relating to us are very interesting.

Jules said...

Tasha_ I totally agree.
I hated that holidays would come and Bobby would get so stressed about what to do or buy. On my birthday one year I asked him to make me a cake.

He did and it was deish. That is what I ask for every year with a gift certificate for a Honey-do for a later date!

Thats' what I got this year and it was divine!

Thank you so much. You are too kind. My writing style is caca!
Mom and Matt got all those genes.
I really am blessed to have Bobby. We are a perfect match. Being married to him is really no work at all. Not saying that we can take each other for granted, just that we don't have the obstacles that a lot of other couples do. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

Julie!!!!!! I LOVE that story! I remember when you guys got the fountain, just didn't know the story behind it. How sweet! Bobby is a great guy and you two DO make a perfect couple.

You're just full of inspiration for me because it makes me want to post about Brett. I think I will do it around his birthday.

Jules said...

Good idea Chris. You should have many wonderful stories to share about your family life with all those boys! Girl Power!! hheheheh

Lynne said...

WOW!! Now that sounds to me like he's a romantic at heart! I give him an A+ for all the effort he puts into his projects and for listening to you!

Jules said...

Yep Lynne, Who knew? hahahaha
He's a priceless soul for sure!

Mom8 said...

I double that! Bobby is a gift from heaven. (good thing for him, cuz if anyone abused my darling dtrs, they would be dead and I would be in prison)..LOLOLOL....
But we are surrounded with loving men. My 6 boys top the scale in that dept. Romantics to the bone, and KNOW how to treat a lady. Matt is probably the best at immaginative gift giving, and NEVER missing an occasion. He sends me gifts for Valentines, Mothers day, birthdAY, xMAS, AND they are all wonderful. He bought me a leather jacket one year that one would swear he had tailor made to my body. Now that's hard to do. I don't even buy clothes for my kids anymore. Oh, how I do go on, but you'd have to meet the Mullins boys to appreciate them. Precious to the core!