Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tuesday....What the heck?

Okay. Let me start with the fact that all of my life I have been too skinny. You know the type that everyone always rolled their eyes at if I complained about it. In fact being too skinny was just as much a pain in the arse as being over weight. I am 5'9" and until 44th birthday I was wearing a size 4 pants. My weight was 142. I was happy with that weight even tho I was in terrible shape. Meaning I quit wearing shorts and fell in love with capri's instead of exercising.

Fast forward to today (a few weeks from my 46th BD) and I am 20+ pounds heavier. Note this extra weight has occured very fast. I have been pretty idle on my job for the past 7 years (mostly driving). But still..............I am in total shock. I can't believe it when I look in the mirror. I started walking 2 miles a day. I have only done it for a few days but not noticing any change. I replaced fast food with a salad several days a week. I am not much of a bread eater. I do enjoy some sweets but not what I would consider excessive.

I hate this. Cursed half my life with no weight and now this!
LORDY .... I need some intervention quick!
Any ideas?



Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Get some ankle weights and do some leg lifts while at the computer. Also put some little dumbbells by the computer and to curls and work shoulders while waiting for stuff to load. Cut back on your sugar intake and drink more water. It wouldn't hurt to get a check up at the doctor's either. Something may be out of whack (like my thyroid) that is screwing up you normal metabolism.

redchair said...

Hi Jules,
I’ve always had a case of the skinnies also. It’s just our metabolism-but at least we were born in a time when skinny is “in”.
(Twenty lbs more is probably where your suppose to be- at your height) The thing you have to look at is those gals who were on the opposite end of the metabolic scale all their lives. They really have an ordeal with weight when their metabolism slows down.

I used to complain because I had oily skin and spent so much time running back and forth to the Dermatologist. (I just hated it.) He told me ‘You’re very lucky, Vikki. You won’t wrinkle in your later years like other people do.’

He was right. We are who we are and that’s a good thing, Jules.


Chris Bolmeier said...

Hi Jules,
There's no easy way out of expanding fat cells except to eat 1,420 calories a day if you want to weigh what you did before

I like to think of myself as being a sexy zoftig all my life. But I've had to come to grips with the fact that granny pants feel a whole lot better than dental floss. There again it hurts to be beautiful.

I once met Dolly Pardon after she lost a ton of weight and she said "darlin, I eat whatever I want, but just 1 bite and that's how I did it"

Good Luck and Stay Healthy

queenlint1 said...

I was also thin all of my life until I turned 42 and went from my fighting weight of 118 to over 200 pounds under the auspices of Grave's Disease.
I ate enormous amounts of food as a skinny. I could bench press twice my weight in work several times a day. I was also told my oily skin would serve me in old age. My high energy exhalted me and wore out others until the haywire thyroid.
Jules, check yours yourself: Keep a glass thermometer by your bed and stick it in your armpit before you get up and move or pee or anything. Do this several mornings for a week. If your basal temp is under the normal 98.6 see an endocrinologist versed in thyroid and metabolic illneses.
Having experience both sides of the scale for decades, I'm telling you that there are many prejudices against both, although skinny is a preferable adjective to be called compared to fatty.

Jules said...

Very good info girls. Why can't we be happy with who were are? Always trying to live up to someone else's expectations. Good grief.

I do have some issues with my Thyroid. I did have it checked 6 mos ago tho.

I started walking 3 miles per day. I carry two 5lb weights and exercise my arms while I walk. I just go around our acreage with the dogs so it is therapeutic!

It sure is nice to have you wonderful women as a support network! Thank you
& Dina

You are all beautiful!

Lilly's Life said...

I am the same height as you, and around the same age and I too have noticed its harder to lose weight the older we get. Those menopausal years are hovering (and I even hate to acknowledge that as well). But, I now forget about the numbers and focus on how fit and healthy I feel. In fact I bet others would still regard you as healthy looking now as opposed skinny. If you feel uncomfortable then I guess its time to take action. I truly believe its less about what we eat and more about how much we move. I also find personally that some carbs are really bad for me - I do not, as a rule, eat white stuff (although sugar is very hard to give up entirely)- no pasta (do not like it even though I love all things Italian), white bread, rice etc. My sister in law is a dietician and she always tells me just to try and eat a wider variety of foods, watch the portions and start to exercise far more. I have taken up weights as well as she said its important as we age. She says its all about lifestyle - the busier we are the less time there is to exercise. Sounds like your walking is just the thing. Truth is I am struggling with the whole aging thing - I even thought of doing a blog specifically aimed at 40 plus women. Anyway, you can inspire me too - exercise does not come naturally to me.

tashabud said...

Jules, at least you're tall enough that whatever extra weight you gain will be distributed to a larger area, whereas short people like me, the extra weight go no where, but outward--always outward.

I think that as long as you exercise everyday and be fit, you're good for your weight at your height.

Jules said...

Lily, Girl you hit the nail on the head. I had to have a hysterectomy in 2002. I noticed at that time many changes that were not welcome. One was added weight, one was thinning hair (i really needed that, I had a mop of hair like a horses tail), hot flashes, and mood swings.

After hormone therapy I leveled out. But I also had just changed jobs from being very active to driving over a thousand miles per week. Now 6 years later the sitting on my rump has had it's toll. I can't believe how much better I feel now after walking for only a week.

I know at some point I will make excuses and get back to being lazy. I am trying really hard to change my thinking and constantly tell myself how much better I feel and how good it is for me.

Thanks for dropping by...bring a coffee cake next time and I will supply the tea!! wink wink

Tasha,,, You know I do feel fortunate that I am so tall. Since I have been so lazy and eat everything in site I should be in a lot worse shape. YOU DO A GREAT JOB STAYING BEAUTIFUL!!!


Petula Wright said...

The key is to not give up even though you don't see results yet. Drink lots of water, reduce sodium (don't just think salt, but foods that are high in sodium), consume a lot of fruits, veggies and grains and do some weight bearing exercises. You can do it!

Jules said...

Hey Petula!
Looks like I may be on the right track. I am drinking more water, walking 3 miles per day with 5lb weights. I exercise my arms and shoulders while I walk. I am not a huge sodium fan so it will be easy to cut a lot of the prepared foods out. Thanks for the tips. I have been at this exercise a week now and feel a ton better but look and weigh the same. ug

Anonymous said...

Well I started out walking to the park and back in our neighborhood. I would walk for one hour. I think that may have been 3 or 4 miles.

I started to "feel" great but no weight dropped. I was maintaining though. At some point, the walking stopped, but by that time I had built up enough strength to hit the elpitical. (sp?)

Now I can do 40 minutes with 2 small breaks. Before I couldn't even go 2 minutes without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack! Food is my biggest problem! The busier I get the harder it is for me to cook healthy. I try to have at least 3 to 4 very healthy meals (dinner) a week. Lunch is my biggest issue. I get up, get busy and before you know it I've skipped breakfast and it's 12:30 or 1:00. Then I go thru the kitchen and eat while I make my lunch.

So in fact I'm eating two lunches worth of calories!!! Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

Jules said...

Christi we are twins! I am walking and walking and have gained two more pounds.

I do however see some difference in my legs. But I am effing starving all the time. Yesterday I ate coffee (with real cream), a yogurt, cereal with strawberries, chicken strips, about 10 fries, 2! fried apple pies, a double serving of spaghetti with meat sauce! What's that bout a zillion calories?

Mom8 said...

Hehehehehe...Julie, you're a riot. If only everyone could have your body problems! I know, I'm speaking like a mom so I'm prejudice, but you are no doubt gorgeous, just ask any of the men you work with! You could have been a frog you know. But I am thrilled you are walking and doing the weights...and I think the stress of your life style also contributes to the other problems. My advice???? Breathe deep!!!! lol

Jules said...

I know MOM!
You are ever the supporter!
I am grateful for what you and God have given me. It seems I just abused the sh*t out of your gift!

bahhahah Sorry for the lingo. I am trying to work out the kinks!
LOVE you mom8!